Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nancy Lanza: No Victim--She's the Cause

Nancy Lanza with her eyes closed

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written a blog, but I’m back, and the only thing on my mind is the same thing that’s on everyone else’s, Newtown, CT.   
Except  I’ve got another thought that I haven't heard on the news. 

The media keeps telling us that Nancy Lanza was a victim.  They also say that she was a responsible gun owner.  Are they kidding?   That statement is inaccurate, if not utterly stupid.

Victoria Soto, one of the real victims
Nancy Lanza is responsible for this entire tragedy.  She was no innocent bystander.  She was the cause. 

This devoted, delusional mother was a gun enthusiast, who stored firearms in her house under lock and key.  And she actually thought her home was safe?   Adam was twenty, not a toddler, and he knew where the key was and could easily unlock it.  What was this mother thinking? Her son conveniently gathered the guns, and in a matter of minutes, murdered her and 26 innocents.
Noah Pozner, the youngest of those killed

Adam was plainly nuts and she knew it, yet she taught him how to shoot.  She handed a mentally ill person the means to commit mass murder.   

CNN interviewed a young man who was Adam’s babysitter in junior high.  Before Nancy Lanza left the house that day, she told him to watch her son every minute.   She ordered him NOT to even go to the bathroom.

So if Adam couldn’t be trusted for a minute, how could she trust him with guns?  She was the one who was nuts, delusional, and out of control.  Nancy Lanza was hardly a victim.  She was an accomplice, if not the major contributing factor for the deaths of these innocent, beautiful, life-loving children, and their teachers.

When one cop heard the story, he asked that if she wanted quality time with her son, why didn’t she teach him how to bowl?  But guns were her passion.  I cried for the children and teachers, but I have no tears for her.