Saturday, September 21, 2013

On a Budget? A Wedding for a $1.56

the couple outside their barn
When I hear about people saving a ton of money on 
some-thing special, I’m always fascinated about how they did it.   For instance, these stories of women collecting coupons where they enter a supermarket.  They overload a couple baskets and then pay a mere $5.32 at the register.  Or United Airlines last week mistakenly offering flights for zero dollars all over the United States.  Crazy.

But how about getting married for under two bucks?   You can’t buy a dozen eggs, a half-gallon of milk, or a tuna sandwich at the deli counter for that.

Weddings are a multi-billion dollar industry, and the markup is unbelievable.   Yet a Scottish couple did just that.   

Georgina Porteous and Sid Innes had the works for their wedding day—the cake, the food, the dress, the reception, the rings, and the photographer. 

On a site called, Georgina found a 1960s handmade embroidered gown and paid $1.56.  The rest of the wedding was free.  The site also offered discarded chairs, mirrors, and lights, and the couple took many of these to decorate their barn and provide seating for their guests.

the couple's barn
Yes, their barn. That was the wedding site.  It’s where Georgina’s mother conducted the ceremony flanked by a minister, who volunteered his services just to make sure the marriage was official.

Georgina’s aunt made the three tiered cake topped with the couple’s initials, and Georgina’s father, a jazz musician, played saxophone for entertainment. 

And how about the food, you ask.   Each guest was asked to bring a bottle of spirits and a dish to the wedding.

rings carved from antlers
And one couldn't forget the rings.  Georgina carved the jewelry from antlers found near her garden.  She also picked her own wildflowers in a field close to home and fashioned her own bouquet. 

As for photos, the groom traded film editing services for the photographer’s presence that afternoon.

“I don’t see the point in these massive weddings," Georgina said.  "We didn’t want or need a big fancy affair.  We had a ball.  The day went beautifully.  People said it was the best wedding they have ever been to.”   

After their unforgettable moment, the couple splurged on a honeymoon in Berlin.  

They couldn’t be happier.







Friday, September 6, 2013

Squee! Miley's Twerking is Now One for the Ages

Miley doing her thing
Dear Friends,                        

Did everyone see Miley Cyrus twerking (dancing in a sexually provocative way) on TV?  I could just vom (vomit), but my sister’s fil (father-in-law) was walking into the room, so I logged onto my computer instead.  In the meantime I took a selfie  (taking a picture of yourself with a phone), and it came out great!   I sent it in when I enrolled in a mooc (massive open online course) because I heard the instructor was wild, and I have fomo ( fear of missing out).  Srsly (seriously), the class is supposed to be the best and all we have to do is byod (bring your own device) at the start.  The rest we can do at home.  The course begins next week because it’s running a/w (autumn-winter).

But enough of that.  Grats (congratulations) on your new jorts (denim shorts).   Apols (apologies) for missing your birthday.  I heard you had a blondie (small, square pale colored cake, like vanilla or butterscotch), but I was in an ldr (long distance relationship), and my life ended up in omnishambles (a situation that was completely mismanaged).  Everything was getting so dappy (silly, disorganized), that I needed a digital detox (a break from smart phones and computers), until I could get my mind straight again.


Not to worry, or anything.  I’m finally back online, and I read that The Oxford English Dictionary came out with the rest of this year’s newest words.  They release about a thousand in total, but in smaller quantities every quarter.  September’s was the last of 2013’s. 
You know I think a few of them made it into my letter.   Isn’t that squee! (expressing great delight).

I mean, you can see them for yourself at

Better quit now.  I don’t want to make this too long or someone will unlike me (expressing disapproval online).

Your friend,